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AH! So many questions. Here we go! 

1.) I don’t really have nightmares… to be honest, my sleep has just been black and empty lately.
2.) I love really, really hard, but I always put others in front of myself and it’s bad. 
3.) “You deserve to take up space.”
4.) A quote that reminds me to appreciate myself… “You are a child of the universe. No less than the trees and the stars” 
5.) More Than Life- Whitley 
6.) Probably being awake when I got my wisdom teeth taken out… I’m fortunate that I haven’t experienced much physical pain. 
7.) Probably just dealing with emotionally abusive relationships throughout my life… romantically, friendships, and familial… 
8.) Yeah. 
9.) No. 
10.) Kevin, Kenny, Kong… they are light. 
11.) Selfish people.
12.) YES. Sarcasm, being mean/cold, disassociating. 
13.) Song about what I went through with someone… The Worst- Jhene Aiko 
14.) Warm Water- Banks….I don’t really know why though. 
15.) Everytime I laugh so hard that I can’t remember anything other than why I am laughing, that is my happiest memory. 
16.) YES! There’s a girl on campus who I talk to and eat lunch with every once in a while, and I cannot remember her name. I suck. 
17.) Where will all my love go? And my soul? How long will it take people to forget my voice? When will people stop writing on my facebook wall? Will people talk shit about me even after I’m dead? Will I be able to watch over my friends who are still alive?  
18.) It’s meant to be lived to the fullest, and I’m privileged to have a lot of freedom to construct my life the way I want, so I gotta stop wasting it. 
19.) It’s beautiful, raw and real; but my heart is hurting right now to think about it. 
20.) I like to avoid… doing homework. 
21.) When I take care of anyone, or someone seeks me out to listen to them and give them advice, that makes me feel very needed. 
22.) During the 5am Hmong house kitchen conversations. 
23.) Not going to the Childish Gambino concert last year. 
24.) Biting my nails, fucking with toxic people, procrastinating, staying up too late. 
25.) I haven’t dreamt in months… I don’t even remember. 
26.) September 30th, 2014: 
If the bed still smells like her, change the sheets. Wash them twice. Write more later, your feelings are valid.
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Thanks for asking, love. 

  -  1 October
"If you were in a different body, would you have the same personality?"

Dig Deeper (ask the characters)
  • 1: Something you’ve had constant nightmares about? In vivid detail?
  • 2: Something you’ve started to realize about yourself?
  • 3: A quote that sums you up as a whole?
  • 4: A quote that reminds you of ____?
  • 5: A song that brings you to tears?
  • 6: Most physical pain you’ve had to endure?
  • 7: Most mental pain you’ve had to endure?
  • 8: Do you consider yourself an open individual?
  • 9: If there is someone you want right now, if you could tell them so, would you?
  • 10: Someone who makes you happy effortlessly?
  • 11: Something that hurts you to think about?
  • 12: Defense mechanisms? Do you have any?
  • 13: A song that describes all that you’ve had to go through with ___?
  • 14: A love song that gives you hope?
  • 15: Happiest memory?
  • 16: Ever been friends with someone you never knew the name of?
  • 17: Thoughts on death.
  • 18: Thoughts on life.
  • 19: Thoughts on affection/intimacy.
  • 20: You like to avoid… (finish sentence)
  • 21: A time when you felt the most needed?
  • 22. A time when you felt the most yourself?
  • 23: Something you will always regret?
  • 24: Bad habits?
  • 25: A recurring dream you’d had?
  • 26: Share a journal entry.
  • 27: Share a picture from your personal photo album.

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"You treated strangers better than me."


the worst feeling is when you’re close to someone but they have someone who they will always like more than they like you